At a HealthcareX job fair, you will meet face-to-face with top employers who are specifically hiring healthcare professionals. These events are free for all job seekers.

All organizations have different hiring processes. While some are interviewing and hiring candidates on the spot, others may have a more in-depth recruitment process.

  • Some recruiters have immediate job openings
  • Other recruiters are searching for individuals that can fill positions that are consistently needed within their organization.
  • Recruiters may be searching for potential candidates for positions that are opening up soon. These organizations are searching to identify candidates to fill the positions as soon as they receive hiring approval and may ask you to submit your resume in order to contact you when the position is available.

Although an employer's primary industry may not be what you're looking for, often, a company's openings can include a range of different types of positions.

  • A drugstore chain may be recruiting for positions in fulfillment and warehousing.
  • A restaurant may be recruiting for jobs in information technology.
Feel free to try and arrive a little early to get near the front of the registration line, or you can choose to arrive a few hours after the event starts and avoid the crowd.
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